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🍑Here’s 3 exercises to help with this:

1️⃣ Split squat – with two feet on the ground, the is the most stable variation. Control the raise up AND lower down – don’t let gravity do the work for you.
2️⃣ Reverse lunge w/ slider – keeping most of your weight on the front leg, control the lower down then visualize pulling from the area between your butt and thigh to raise back up.
3️⃣ Reverse lunge – this is the least stable of these variations. Focus on keeping shoulders and hips square as you step back into the lunge.


Can’t balance? Read carefully. The split squat is BY FAR one of the most beginner-friendly squat variations. Even if you’re struggling with balance now, by adjusting foot distance and finding that sweet spot between “too close” and “too far” most form issues will fix themselves.


By starting with your knees so close – to each other AND to the bench – you’re SERIOUSLY restricting this movement. Right off the bat, your weight shifts forward onto the quads and away from the other low body muscles (buh bye glutes). At the bottom of the rep, your knee extends forward and in front of your toes. This is an unstable position that forces you to push through your toes and put unnecessary strain on the knee. Not good.

By starting from such a hip extended position, there’s very little room to hip extend from here. Once you max out on hip extension, this forces you to shift your weight back (into the stretch) and eventually compensate through the low back. Again, not good.

Ultimately, we want to end up midway between these positions. For step-by-step instructions on how to fix your form, check out on my YouTube video in TOP article

💥 Research shows that if you want to fully activate the glutes while training, then you need to pre-activate them.


better butt exercises
better butt exercises

💥This can be accomplished by doing warm-up exercises such as lightweight glute bridges, lateral banded walking, and kickbacks. Making that mind-muscle connection is essential to ensure that when you train glutes they are fully engaged to make the best gains.

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