How to Do Bent Over Two-arm Dumbbell | Exercises Rear Delts

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How to Do Bent Over Two-arm Dumbbell

Today we’ll talk about one of the best exercise bent over two-arm dumbbell that workout two muscles, back muscles and rear deltas.

bent over two-arm dumbbell
How to Do bent over dumbbell


Content of the article

  1. Technique: Bent Over Two-arm Dumbbell
  2. Incline Dumbbell Fly: Mistakes
  3. The weight: Right choice

Training Bent over two-arm dumbbell

Bent over two-arm dumbbell – exercise which is best done last in a workout. Despite the fact that it is actually intended for the shoulders, it is usually performed on the day training a back, because separately doing it is not effective.

Note: The rear deltoids are not as vulnerable as the middle or front, so it can be pump with even after a heavy load on the upper back.


For example: You did pull-ups, Lat Pulldown and biceps today. Finish your workout execute bent over dumbbell. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 times.

If you experience pain while moving your arms up and back – you don’t need do it exercises. Let the shoulder muscles recover, then you can start bent over with dumbbell.

If the exercise is performed incorrectly, the load from the posterior delta bundles is shifted to the trapezius muscles, round and rhomboid. So you can not achieve hypertrophy of the rear the shoulder. Follow the technique!

Technique: Bent Over Two-arm Dumbbell

If all the bench are busy, you can do the exercise, standing in front of the mirror. It is important that you see yourself in reflection.

Bent Over Two-arm Dumbbell
How to Do Bent Over Dumbbell


  1. Take 2 dumbbells weighing 3-4 kg (believe me, if you are a beginner – this is more than enough).
  2. Stand 1–1.5 meters in front of the mirror. Legs width parallel to shoulders. Your knees slightly half-band and your body to the tilted on floor. Hold your back straight, but do not raise your shoulders.
  3. Traps should not be included. It is recommended to bend at an angle of 45-60 degrees relative to the floor. Fix your gaze to raise your head lightly.
  4. Dumbbells should be deployed so that their arms are oriented parallel to the legs. Bend your elbows lightly, lock them at an angle.
  5. Remember that your elbows will need to move up. Therefore, when you begin to move your arms to the sides, turn your arms so that your elbows are directed toward the roof.
  6. Try not to reduce the shoulder blades – work carefully with the back bundle of deltoid muscles.
  7. Raise dumbbell parallel to the floor. Hold this position for one- seconds and for 3-5 seconds in the last repetition.

Bent Over Dumbbell – is a very subtle exercise. Minor deviations from the correct technique will lead to futility training. Therefore, we consider the most common mistakes, and what may happen as a result.

Bent Over Two-Arm Dumbbell: Mistakes

  • Small tilt angle. In this position, the middle beam of deltas works. If you want to pump it, you need to perform other exercises, for example, Dumbbell Fly.
  • Elbows need are turned back – in this position, the necessary part of the shoulder is not loaded again. Elbows should look strictly upward, at the roof.
  • No need to arch your back. In the right executing, the body leans forward. If you round the back, the load will shift to the lower back and you may get injured. The correct executing for this workout is incline in the lower back.


Choice of the Weight

  • For the first workout, you need to take the smallest weight that is available in the gym. Usually this is 1-2 kg. Your task is to develop a technique. And all this is practiced on light weight.
Note: When add weights, make sure that the cultivation of bent over dumbbells executing correctly! If your hands begin to bend more it means you have not chosen the right weight.


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