Monday, December 10, 2018

Before & After

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Before Weight, Health Loss!

beautiful girl changed her body and lost weight, motivated by her successes and begin to train and eat right now!

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Another impressive transformation!

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Be careful comparing yourself with what you see on media. Just be the best version of yourself!

beautiful transformation of the body

before and after weight loss pictures and beautiful transformation! 

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It’s been a while since I shared a progress pic!  So this is a 2/3 years progress of bird of paradise. Biggest difference for me is that in the first attempt I was not able to hold it more than 1 second as you can see from the blurr in my hair. My hip was not open enough and I was just trying to do it without really know what was the point of it. The point when you do an Asana it not for it to look like the one you see in books or in class, but to feel in the correct way. In this case for example it’s a lot about the hip, so there is no point on trying to straighten your leg if your hip is not open enough (like I am doing the the 2015 photo)!

Couple goals weight Loss success stories

Weight Loss success stories! Beautiful couple changed themselves.

weght loss before and after

weght loss before and after It's all about wanting to make a change

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She already had the muscle bulk, but its crazy how 10kg less (of fat) can make someone look so MUCH MORE muscular!

Lose Weight Naturally

Life is a marathon not a sprint. ————————————— As cliche as this lesson sounds, it really is true and most of us sprint through life. ————————————— Concentrate on...

weght loss before and after

weght loss before and after