🔥Weight Loss Before and After Story

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🔥Weight loss before and after (Story)

✅ Height: 1.57. Weight in first picture:80 kg. Weight in second picture:55 kg. 

The difference between pictures is 1 years. In the first picture I was struggling with binge eating, while in in the second picture I have been recovered for about 10-12 month.

weght loss before and after


After many failed attempts to give up binge eating, what helped me get over it was falling in love and having my first boyfriend who loved me and accepted me as I was. After about 4-5 months in the relationship, the desire to eat compulsively was no longer there. I now have a healthy relationship with food and no longer fear I will overeat or lose control.

True story Weight loss from Lucy

True story Weight loss from Lucy
True story Weight loss from Lucy


✅ Height: 5’2’’ / Highest Weight: 190lbs / Current Weight: 140lbs / Total Weight Lost So Far: 50lbs! Highest BMI: 35 / Current BMI: 25.6

I’m on a journey of self-improvement & I’m determined to change my life! Follow me & join me on this adventure! I’m getting healthy, getting in shape & learning to love myself.

My blog consists of weight loss updates & experiences, recipes & clean eats, love & life lessons, daily inspiration, & much more.

I’ve lost 25lbs in the last 8 months by regularly working out, cooking at home, eating mostly clean and doing research about nutrition and health. I’ve started my blog to keep myself accountable and influence others.


One of the biggest things that can make a difference is having a support system. It’s exciting to share a piece of myself with you. Hoping to inspire others as much as I’ve been influenced by fellow travelers on this exhilarating expedition of self-improvement. I love to see other people’s progress and hear other people’s stories.

We are not alone on this journey 🙂

Hey guys my name is queen.enjay and this my Story Weight loss


My Story Weight loss
My Story Weight loss


I’m 24 and 5’2. I started my weightloss journey in December 2014 and still in training. I was 202 pounds and now I’m at 159 pounds. Achieved my goal by eating healthy and exercising. Weight loss to me is mental before anything you really have to be dedicated.

I really feel like I want to share my story and motivate others to elevate themselves to the level I’m on now!

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