Best Gym Gloves Selection, Materials, Features

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Best Gym Gloves Selection

Advantages when choosing and using the best gym gloves.

Best Gym Gloves Selection
Best Gym Gloves Selection


Glove Selection Features

  1. If you think that gloves for fitness – it’s just a tribute to fashion or maintaining a sporting image, you are deeply mistaken. Such an accessory, maybe, is not a basic necessity, but the life of an athlete greatly simplifies.
  2. Keeps hands from rubbing and calluses, and hands – from abrasions, scratches, and minor injuries. The wrist does not suffer so much, as it is reliably fixed in good models.
  3. Hands do not sweat, which means that you get a dry and reliable grip that not only facilitates the training process, but also allows you to increase the number of approaches.

Well, the issue of hygiene is also important – if you are in the general hall, who knows who touched the bar or the simulator before you.

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Inconvenience of using gym gloves

All the controversial issues that concern the choice of gym gloves, boil down to one – sweat their hands or not. Some bodybuilders say that with active training, palms with gloves are even more sweating than without them. And corns, like scars, do decorate a man. We think that it’s the matter of what material gloves are made of, so we’ll take a closer look at it.

Materials of manufacture sports gym gloves


  • Cotton. Cotton gym gloves are inexpensive, but despite the naturalness of the material, they do not provide proper ventilation. Hands in such a real sweat, and the gloves themselves wear out quickly.
  • Poor-quality synthetics of unknown origin. Such gloves you risk to buy on a random store or Amazon. In appearance – bright and beautiful, in fact, they are completely unusable, since the hands in low-grade synthetics are absolutely uncomfortable and even harmful to be.
  • Neoprene. This is also synthetics. But a new generation, designed specifically for sports accessories. It is all permeated with micropores, which provide excellent ventilation.
  • Leather, nubuck. Excellent natural materials, which provide an exceptional grip on the barbell, bar, etc. due to natural roughness. Palms in them are really hot, but the grip is excellent. In addition, accessories are distinguished by their durability.
  • Leatherette. More budgetary option, compared with the previous one. In this case, less comfortable and not so wear-resistant. Once again, the truth is confirmed – a good thing can not be cheap.
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