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🚨Bicycles Proper Form🚨

🎯Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Quads, Calves

Bicycles Proper Form
🔥 Bicycles Proper Form

Training on a bicycle – is a useful exercise, and also one of the most accessible ways to support yourself in shape. And this is the rare case when pleasure is compatible with the benefit – with the right approach, doing a bicycle on the simulator, you can get a figure no worse than after classes with a personal trainer.

Aerobic exercise
Intensive  Bicycles Proper Form involves high energy consumption. “When riding a bicycle burns about 400 (!) Kilocalories per hour

Bicycles Proper Form
🔥 Bicycles Proper Form

To start any training on a bicycle – for weight loss and just for health promotion – it is absolutely necessary with a warm-up. Do a few sit-ups, turn your arms and legs, press. And then sit on the simulator and ten minutes straight, trying not to increase the speed. The main principle, which should be adhered to in cycling, is a smooth increase in loads. Therefore, the first two to three weeks of training, the length of the routes should not exceed 10-12 km, it is better to drive at a uniform and calm pace

Bicycles Proper Form
🔥 Bicycles Proper Form
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