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🔥 Chest Dips vs Tricep Dips: Which Exercise is Better?

✅ In this article and video, I’m going to teach you the key differences between chest dips vs tricep dips and what are the key differences in terms of technique.

✅ Before I begin, I want you to pay attention to this one, even though dips are some of the best exercises out there, they’re also a very high-risk exercise, and I don’t want you to get injured while doing this exercise.


💪 Tricep Machine 10-12 Reps

Tricep Machine
Tricep Machine

🚨 Benefits of Chest and Tricep Dips

The great thing about dips is that you don’t even need access to a gym to be able to do them. You might have seen people to go to a park to do these dips so you can definitely do that. If you don’t have access to dip bars or parallel bars in a park, you can easily order your own.


One of the other great things about doing this is that as you get stronger and as you feel that your body weight is no longer enough, to challenge you, you can always add more weight. The simplest way of adding more weight is you can take a dumbbell and hold it between your feet, but as the numbers get heavier and heavier, this might not be a good option for you. For this reason, you can also buy what is called a dip belt. A dip belt is a great option because the belt goes around your waist and the weight is hanging between your legs. You can either use a dumbbell or a set of weight plates and then challenge yourself that way so as you get stronger, you can keep on loading more and more weight.


Triceps Dips Muscle Targeted
Triceps Dips Muscle Targeted

🚨 There are 2 key differences when it comes to chest dips vs tricep dips.

1. When you do a chest dip, your body angle is going to be more horizontal/diagonal. When you do a tricep dip, your body angle is going to be more vertical.

2. When you do a chest dip, if your forearm is going to be more perpendicular to the floor, almost straight up and down, whereas if you will do a tricep dip, then the angle between your forearm and your bicep is going to be more close and there’s going to be a little bit more elbow flexion.


Tricep Dips
Tricep Dips

🚨 Chest Dips vs Tricep Dips – Which Exercise is Better?

​​​​​​​✅ If you had to pick one exercise out of these two, which one is superior? Both of these are good exercises, although I will say that there are much better exercises you can do for your chest, shoulders, and triceps. However, some people really like them or they may not have access to a gym or other equipment, and in this case, they can definitely build a really impressive upper body by just doing dips.


✅ If I had to pick one exercise, then I would definitely pick the tricep dip over the chest dip. This is because dips are more of a tricep exercise than a chest exercise even if you will do a chest dip. And the reason for this is one of the main functions of your chest muscles is horizontal adduction. You do this when you are performing any sort of pressing movements such as dumbbell presses, chest flies. This key component in training your chest is simply missing when you do dips because there’s almost no horizontal adduction taking place. Whereas the main function of the triceps is simply elbow extension. In any sort of dip, you are doing just that – you’re extending your elbows.


✅ Considering the fact that tricep dips perform the primary function of the triceps, whereas the chest dips do not perform the primary function of the chest, I would say if you have to pick one movement, then go with the tricep dip.

✅ So there you have it guys. Even though both exercises work the same muscles, you can emphasize which muscle gets worked more by simply changing your body angle and the angle of your forearms.

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