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 🔥Your Chest Will GROW With These Exercises

Chest Will GROW
✅Chest Will GROW

Advantages of the bench in the simulator:

  1. Accentuated load on the pectoral muscles, minimizing the work of the muscles of stabilizers.
  2. The opportunity to work separately on the right and left side of the chest, thanks to the independence of the arms of the simulator from each other.
  3. This is useful if there is some muscular asymmetry. Safety exercise in terms of the likelihood of injury.
  4. With the observance of technology and the avoidance of extreme weights (which are not used in principle in this exercise).

👉🏻 Exercise 1: Isolated Chest Press.

Isolated Chest Press
Isolated Chest Press

✅ Push Through Thumb And Inner Hand.
✅ Perform 4-5 Sets 8-10 Reps Each Side.

👉🏻 Exercise 2: Chest Press.

Chest Press.
Chest Press.

✅ Chest Up.
✅ Perform 4-5 Sets 8-10 Reps.


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