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🚨Skull Crushers Proper Form

Skull Crushers Proper Form
Skull Crushers Proper Form

3 Things to Avoid:


❌Moving Multiple Joints- When you move more than just your forearms, you will engage more muscles than just triceps and this exercise becomes less isolated.
❌Wrists Bent- It is very easy to allow wrists to bend backwards when lowering the bar behind the head. Make sure your wrists remain locked and maintain a tight grip.
❌Too Much Momentum- Too much momentum is another issue that causes this exercise to become less isolated. Often too much momentum is generated by moving multiple joints and by not controlling the reps.

🚨Skull Crushers ✅Right & ❌Wrong
🚨Skull Crushers ✅Right & ❌Wrong

3 Things to Include:

✅Only Moving Forearms- Keeping a strict movement by only moving the forearms will help to engage 100% triceps and take other muscles out of the equation. More isolation results in more effective sets.
✅Wrists Locked- Keeping wrists locked will prevent wrist injury and will also generate more power.
✅Controlled Reps- Slow and controlled reps will increase time under tension and will maintain continuous strain of the triceps resulting in a more effective set.

✅Skull Crushers
✅Skull Crushers

The structure of the triceps in the picture below, the largest muscle of the human hand

The structure of the triceps
The structure of the triceps
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