Clean eating weight loss meal plan

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clean eating weight loss meal plan

Hey everyone, my name’s adi, i’m from Indonesia. I wanna share my weight loss journey, so i hope everyone get motivated.

first thing first, i’m 21 years old. i betchu know what is the main problem of being fat,  yeah self-confidence. last year was the most depressed year in my life so far, so many problems surrounding me, from my gf left me for no reason (lol), to my kitty died T.T. I’ve become so desperate, i don’t even know what to do and thanks to my beloved parents that guide me to the lights, she told me life is too short for being a desperate human being. so i started from the bottom. I started to eat healthy foods and do workouts everyday. hope everyone have a great life (: greetings from indonesia 😀

Height : 183cm (6’0″)

Weight before Diet : 110kg

Weight after Diet : 73kg

It takes about a year

my strategy is stay away from the mirrors and the weight scales lol and of course, never give up!!!

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