Decline Ab Crunch & Ab Crunch Form | Guide

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Decline Abdominal Crunch & Ab Crunch Form ❌ vs. ✅

A great ab exercise to engage your entire abdominal!

This exercise will focus more on your upper abs however your lower Abdominal muscles are still engaged in this exerciseThis is a must in abdominal routines so give this exercise a goMake sure you keep your abs tense the entire time and you will feel the burn in no time 🔥

💪 Aim for at least 20 reps

Ab Crunch Form ❌ vs. ✅

Ab Crunch Form
Ab Crunch Form

❌ I see quite a few people who do the twisting wrong, and they end up putting too much pressure on their neck, which can lead to injury. Often people are twisted into the shape of a ball and bend the neck to the stomach. Not only does this not involve your entire abdominal muscles, but it also greatly strains your neck.

✅ The best way to tap your entire abdominal without straining your neck is to look at the ceiling all the time and maintain a neutral spine. You will realize that this is much more complicated, and your press will be involved all the time. I hope this will help you the next time you wake up!



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