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We make various our food for a week

Menu Option & Guides
Menu Option & Guides



As you know, the Abdominal is forged in the kitchen. Doing special exercises is only half the job. The other 50% is what you eat. So what’s the use of strong muscles, if they hide under a layer of fat? There is an absolutely opposite problem – exhaustion. As a result, all good motives are reduced to nothing, and with them the results aspire to zero.

Sitting on diets is very difficult both physically and morally, and the benefits from them are often very short-lived. In order for a useful habit to be fixed, one can not immediately rush into the battle and sweep away all that is not useful, but such a favorite and habitual: you will still fall and start all the hard. In addition, do not forget that not all diets are suitable for some sports. For example, the same keto diet is not suitable for those who are engaged in intensive interval training, triathlon or jogging for medium and long distances, since during all these activities many carbohydrates are consumed.

One-day menu option


  • For example, your usual breakfast consists of a cup of coffee with cream and sugar (optional), as well as plates of oatmeal with milk of two percent fat content.
  • We advises to replace sugar with a natural sweetener – honey or maple syrup. As a second breakfast option, she offers an omelet made from several eggs, cooked on coconut oil – an excellent source of protein and healthy fats.


  • We offer is a salad with protein and vegetables plus a slice of dried whole-grain bread.

Snack before (training)

  • We advises to give preference to natural food, which will always be bioavailable. For example, the so-called Trail Mix – a mixture of nuts and dried fruits, which are an excellent source of carbohydrates for a quick recovery of lost energy, is perfect. For a longer run (10 km or more), an apple with almond paste (or other nut paste) is suitable. Such a snack will provide you with the right fats and carbohydrates.





Preparing a meal plan

With the composition of the nutrition plan, everything is simple, especially if you have a training plan for the week and you can roughly calculate your calorie costs during training. For example, during the preparation for Iron man 70.3 (half), one man drove during cycling an average of 70 km (sometimes 50 km, sometimes all 100 km). As a result, he spent about 1,500 kcal, and I knew that on this day you need more varied food than on days of rest or days with a swimming pool.

Therefore, knowing your schedule of workouts, energy consumption and goals (lose weight, gain weight or stay with the same weight), you can easily begin to draw up a plan.

A meal plan for a week does not mean cooking meals every day. There are many dishes that perfectly preserve their palatability within 2-3 days. Cottage cheese, dried fruits, fruits, berries and vegetables do not require cooking at all.

Make a plan of dishes for a week.

Make a plan of dishes for a week



  1. Sit down and think about what you would like to cook or try. Evaluate how much time you have to cook and choose the best options;
  2. Look for new recipes. Varied food is not only tasty, but also useful, because in this way your body receives more diverse nutrients. For this, there are special recipe aggregators, on which you can find almost everything! An example is and plus Pinterest. Separately it is worth noting the site with incredibly beautiful photos and recipes of delicious vegetarian dishes;
  3. Try to eat the same dish no more than twice a week. We already talked about diversity! It does not need to be something completely new, more simple modifications are also suitable;
  4. Try to prepare dishes that you can eat the next day. This applies to cereals and soups. The first option is suitable for point number 3, and the second one can be used as a basis for different dishes, varying the additions;
  5. Count the calories. To achieve the goal, you need to know the “input” and “exit”. To calculate calories, there are also quite a number of different web services and mobile applications;
  6. You should always have alternative options. This is in case someone from your family ate a dinner prepared in advance or you could not get to the prepared meal because of employment or for other reasons;

In addition, you can look at examples of breakfasts of professional athletes – from simple oatmeal to a full breakfast of the cyclist, which includes pasta, coffee, toast with jam, scrambled eggs and ham, dried fruits and fresh.

Set the right goals, watch your food and try to make it as varied and useful as possible!

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