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✅ Probably one of the most requested exercise right here: the face pulls.
This exercise is actually very useful and should be included in most strength training programs for two reasons:

  • 🚨 (1) To strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, which are hiiighly neglected and typically trained only after injury. 
  • 🚨 (2) Because the rear delts act as stabilizers for most exercises, so having strong stabilizers carries out to other exercises and helps perform them better.

When it comes to proper execution it’s very important to keep the spine neutral and the shoulderblades pulled down (depressed) and back (retracted).

✅✅✅ As you grip the rope (I’d suggest a thumbs up grip but even a neutral one would work), extend your arms while keeping your chest up. The goal is to basically end up in a “double biceps” position while keeping the shoulderblades in place and WITHOUT pushing the head forward. Breathe through your diaphragm and brace the core as you pull, exhaling on the way back.

Face Pulls
Face Pulls

❌❌❌ On the other hand, the classic bro face puller: who loads up the whole stack, shrugging the shoulders and who extends the neck at every rep.
Don’t be this guy. 

💡 When working on small muscles like these it’s very important to control the load and doing the exercise properly. Having strong rotator cuff muscles is EXTREMELY important for shoulder health, so take a few sets out of your “Pecs and Arms” bro routine to strengthen shoulder extension.


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