Fitness, Body, Weight Loss success stories

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Day 21 – well here I am. I made it to day 21. I’m going to be honest now. I stepped on the scale this morning and felt totally defeated and disappointed.

Fitness, Body, Weight Loss success stories

I’ve worked hard at the workouts, not cutting corners or taking it easy, increasing my weights and pushing through the burn. I’ve been sticking to the meal plan. I cheated once with wine on Mother’s Day. Otherwise, no junk, no chips, no sweets, nothing outside of my containers (okay yes sriracha and soy sauce – but sparingly). The scale says I’ve only lost 8lbs.

8 measly pounds. This has been really hard, why not more?! I vented to my incredibly supportive friends who said all the right things and were so encouraging.

Complete truth: this keto diet fad going around I really really am not a fan of. That’s the nicest way to say it. I’ve read a lot about it from a variety of sources and for me it’s a big old no – it’s not sustainable. It has negative side effects. But man, the people I know on it drop weight SO FAST.

Someone drowning in cheese, fast food burgers (no bun) and high fat cream with no exercise drops twice as many pounds as me in the same time frame and…it’s discouraging. I want to be healthy and strong. For me, keto is not the way but I’m jealous anyway. Jealousy is evil.

I’ve lost 12.5 inches along with those 8lbs. I can hold a 60 second forearm plank. I couldn’t come close before. I’ve changed my eating in a way I can sustain. My changed habits are reflected on my family in a positive way. I’m far less anxious, have more energy, fit into my clothes better and am so much happier overall. I do feel discouraged today. BUT I’ll feel my feelings and then let them go.

I have houseguests coming and I feel embarrassed to work out in front of them, so I will continue with my eating out of the containers, I’m getting hubs to dust off the elliptical for some good (and private) cardio and I’ll start another round of the 21 day fix exercises June 5th

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