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🚨 Full Back & 👇 Bicep Workout

✅ I chose the weights I’m using based on the weights I used the last time I performed that exercise and increased the load by roughly 5%.
✅ RPE means Rate of Perceived Exertion. A term that references the effort you exert during each set.


Back Exercises
Back Exercises⠀⠀⠀

✅ RPE is based on a scale from 1-10. 10 = I couldn’t have done 1 more rep. RPE 9 = I could have done 1 more rep. I worked at RPE 8-9 which means I could have done 1-2 more reps each set, but stopped early.

✅ Reason for stopping before failing? Avoiding a plateau next week and in the following weeks. Can’t operate at 100% 24/7.

🚨 How To Do Arm Dumbbell Row


  • Choose a flat bench and place a dumbbell on each side of it.
  • Place the right leg on top of the end of the bench, bend your torso forward from the waist until your upper body is parallel to the floor, and place your right hand on the other end of the bench for support.
  • Use the left hand to pick up the dumbbell on the floor and hold the weight while keeping your lower back straight. The palm of the hand should be facing your torso. This will be your starting position.


How To Do Arm Dumbbell Row
How To Do Arm Dumbbell Row


  • Pull the resistance straight up to the side of your chest, keeping your upper arm close to your side and keeping the torso stationary. Breathe out as you perform this step. Tip:Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. Also, make sure that the force is performed with the back muscles and not the arms. Finally, the upper torso should remain stationary and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work except for holding the dumbbell; therefore do not try to pull the dumbbell up using the forearms.
  • Lower the resistance straight down to the starting position. Breathe in as you perform this step.
  • Repeat the movement for the specified amount of repetitions.
  • Switch sides and repeat again with the other arm.

Variations: One-arm rows can also be performed using a high pulley or a low pulley instead of a dumbbell.

🚨 Standing One-Arm Cable Curl Instructions

Biceps Workout | One Arm Cable Curl
Biceps Workout | One Arm Cable Curl


🚨 HOW TO: 

  1. Start out by grabbing single handle next to the low pulley machine. Make sure you are far enough from the machine so that your arm is supporting the weight.
  2. Make sure that your upper arm is stationary, perpendicular to the floor with elbows in and palms facing forward. Your non lifting arm should be grabbing your waist. This will allow you to keep your balance.
  3. Slowly begin to curl the single handle upwards while keeping the upper arm stationary until your forearm touches your bicep while exhaling. Tip: Only the forearm should move.
  4. Hold the contraction position as you squeeze the bicep and then lower the single handle back down to the starting position as you inhale.
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.
  6. Switch arms while performing this exercise.


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