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🔥 Biceps is a small muscular group – that is involved in flexing the arm at the elbow. It has a lever structure, and, therefore, the closer the weight is to the brush, the more you need to strain to pump it. The second important feature is that the biceps is not one muscle, but a group of closely intertwined muscle groups:

  1. Short head. It is her swing classic exercises for pumping biceps. It is responsible for the most natural for the body weight lifting with brushes, deployed in the direction of the athlete.
  2. Long head. The main muscle head, giving the biceps weight and strength. Responsible for lifting weights with supine brush down.
  3. Brachialis. The muscle, which is located under the biceps flexor, is responsible for lifting the weight during supination of the hand.

💥 Principles of training

To properly make a complex for biceps, you need to remember the simple principles of his training.

  1. Despite the lack of basic exercises to work out the biceps flexor, it is better to use basic traction, which together allow you to pump it more with blood, and increase in volume.
  2. For pumping biceps, you can use one projectile.
  3. The procedure for pumping heads should be as follows. First a short head – then a long one. And only at the very end is work with brachialis.
  4. Biceps – a small muscle group not intended to perform a large amount of work. Therefore, for its pumping is better to use multi-repetitive complexes in pumping style.

💥 Basic Biceps Exercises

Consider the basic basic exercises focused on pumping biceps:

  • Barbell row in the slope of reverse grip.
  • Arnold style biceps lift.
  • Row the barbell with a reverse grip.

Why these exercises are considered to be a good basis for the development of biceps? They are the only ones that use more than one articular ligament, which allows you to get a basic load with maximum fatigue, stimulating the anabolic processes in the body, increasing the size of the biceps.

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