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🔥 How to Triceps Executing

💥 Triceps is a muscle extending arm. Together with the biceps, it forms the relief of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow (anatomically, this part is called the shoulder). Since the extensor arm is 2/3 of its volume, it makes sense to do exercises for the triceps.

💥 Another interesting option is the extension of the arm with dumbbells in the slope. In this exercise, you need to bend over, pull the arm with the dumbbells back and turn it elbow up. Try to keep your elbow parallel to the floor. If you fail to do this – do not worry, work as you can.

triceps extension
✅ Triceps extension

🚨 Do hand extensions 8–12 times in the approach.

🔥 Triceps Split

Below are the most effective triceps exercises that will make your arm powerful and pumped up.

  • Basic exercises for the triceps increase its weight and are themselves heavy: it is push-ups from bars with weights, reverse push-ups and a bench press with a narrow grip.The
  • French bench is difficult to attribute to the basic exercises, but it is well suited for training the triceps on the mass.
  • Due to the use of different barbell, the French barbell press helps to pump the whole triceps well. This is probably one of the best isolated exercises for triceps.
  • The remaining exercises are designed to create a relief based on the available mass – for example, working with dumbbells, extending the arms on the block.
Triceps Split
Triceps Split

🔥 Triceps Flexion & Extension

Triceps Flexion & Extension
Triceps Flexion & Extension

💥 Working muscles
Any triceps exercise in one way or another involves all three of his bundles:

  • Lateral;
  • Long;
  • Medialny.

How to Performance:

  • Breathe in, hold your breath to descend on the uneven bars to chest level and with the effort of the triceps return to the starting position, while leaving your forearm in a fixed position. Do not do too much forward bias, otherwise the load will shift to the chest.
pull up on uneven bars
pull up on uneven bars
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