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When you want to surprise your muscles and accelerate muscle growth, performing endless sets of bench presses just won’t cut it – achieving unconventional progress demands some unconventional exercises. As any dedicated lifter would confirm, even the best training routines can’t provide superior gains forever and once in a while, you will need to shake things up and present your muscles with a new challenge.



With this in mind, today we’ll look into unique exercise that once incorporated in a well-balanced shoulder training routine, can help you put outstanding shoulder mass in a short period of time.

🔥Encouraged front deltoid growth

Using a pronated grip (palms facing away from the body) on shoulder presses puts undue stress on the joints and has the potential to cause impingement at the lower portion of the lift. Opposite to this, when shoulder pressing with a neutral grip (palms facing towards each other), you can press more weight and reduce the risk of wrist pain and rotator cuff injuries, while also providing a greater stimulation of the front deltoids.

🔥Stronger core

During the shoulder press, you have to keep your body perfectly straight and rigid while statically resisting force. Needless to say, this type of effort does wonders for core strength and overall stability since it forces your core to stabilize the body and prevent it from falling or excessively leaning on one side. Multiple studies on core activity have concluded that when it comes to core development, unilateral exercises are superior to bilateral exercises. And developing a rock solid core will increase your force production and improve your performance at all upper body lifts, thereby helping you develop your physique even further.

🔥 Cable Front Raise

Fasten the T-handle to the bottom block. Stand facing the block device and step backward to the distance of your arms extended in front of you. Put your legs shoulder-width apart and bend slightly at the knees. Keep your back straight.


  • [A] Grasp the handle of the block device with a grip on top of shoulder width. Hands, slightly bent at the elbow joints, lower down in front of you. The hands in the starting position should touch the front of the thighs, and elbows look back.
  • [B] Slowly pull the handle of the block device, raising your hands in front of you until they are at shoulder level. Do not peel elbows. Do not swing the body, trying to lift the weight. Hold your arms in that position for one second and slowly return your arms to the starting position.

🔥 Arnold Dambbell Press

Arnold Dambbell Press – is not a very common exercise. Some athletes do not include it in their training: some because they simply do not know about this unique exercise, and others because they consider it ineffective. Like, classic presses – soldier’s bench press, sitting dumbbells, and the like – more effective, because in them the shoulders do not relax at the bottom of the amplitude.



  1. Sit on the bench, take the dumbbells, lift them to shoulder level, leaning back, raised to an almost vertical position. The palms should be turned back.
  2. Slowly squeeze the dumbbells up. When the dumbbells are on the line of your eyes, begin to expand the palm. Do not try to rotate your palms before this point; this will ease the strain on working muscles, or even lead to injury.
  3. At the level of the middle phase (somewhere at the level of the crown), the movements of your palms should be in a turn position (that is, “look” to the sides), and at the top point should be turned backwards. At the top, make a second pause, while exhaling air, and return to the starting position. Returning to the starting position, your palms should unfold in reverse order.


🔥 One-Аrm Cable Lateral Raise

Intro: If you’re looking to carve out a set of broad, strong shoulders, lateral raises should be a staple in your routine. A properly executed one-arm cable lateral raise can be a crucial isolation exercise in your training arsenal because it helps target the side delts, i.e. the lateral heads of the shoulders, which can be often hard to hit with other exercises but are necessary if you want to maximize your delts thickness. For example, overhead presses greatly emphasize the anterior delts, but fail to adequately stimulate the side and rear heads. For developing complete shoulders, each head must be exhausted on its own – and this movement is the perfect fix for your neglected middle delts.

👇 Targeted muscles: Middle deltoids.

One-Аrm Cable Lateral Raise
❎One-Аrm Cable Lateral Raise


❎ How to: Set the pulleys to the low setting and select the weight you want to work with. Stand sideways to the machine with feet at shoulder width apart, grasp the right handle with your left hand and place your non-working hand on your hips. Stand straight up, keeping your abs tight and shoulders back and raise the cable out and to your side in a wide arc by moving your elbow and hand together in the same plane. Once your arm passes the shoulder level, pause for a second and squeeze the delts, then reverse the motion to lower it down. Repeat for the desired amount of reps, then repeat the exercise with your right arm by grasping the left handle with your right hand. Remember, form is more important than weight so keep your elbows high all throughout the movement and don’t flare your hands up as you move the weight to ensure maximum middle delt activation.

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