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🚨 Arm-Toning Workout

Biceps Workout
✅ Biceps Workout

💪Big arms are a big goal for many people however they tend to make some key mistakes when it comes to training them, subsequently decreasing their progress.


📍The anterior portion of the arm is made of 3 main muscles the biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis. They all perform the action of flexing the elbow, however they have some key differences the biceps brachii (main muscle that comes to mind when talking about arm training) is a muscle that crosses two joints this leaves it vulnerable to passive and active insufficiency when there is movement at the second joint.

📌The first key point to training arms is keeping the humerus stable, this doesn’t allow for passive or active insufficiency to influence the activation of the biceps. Next key point is keeping the shoulder blades retracted creating a stable environment for the motion to occur through as well as helping with the first key point.

 Arm-Toning Workout
✅ Arm-Toning Workout

📌When training arms it is important to have all the movement come from the elbow additional movement from shoulders or back add momentum that decreases the activation of the muscles (check out my previous post on bio-mechanics of a bicep curl). Lastly keeping constant tension ensures maximum time under tension and with focusing on the eccentric motion we get a greater hypertrophy response.


Biceps Exercises
Biceps Exercises
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