🔥How to Back Row Exercises | Guide

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🔥 Back Row Exercises👇

🚨 Close Vs. Wide Cable Row

✅ Just by switching your grip on the cable row can target different areas of your back. Having a closer grip you will target more of your inner back compared to a wider grip which will target more of your lats


How to Сlose Wide Cable Row
How to Сlose Wide Cable Row

🚨 Front Pull Down

✅ This machine is a great machine that targets your lats and your middle back so much sure to utilise it if you got this in your gym! Get a full stretch at the top and focus on the squeeze at the bottom


Front Pull Down
Front Pull Down

🚨 The Low Cable Row

✅ A great exercise to target your upper and middle back! Don’t really have to go heavy on this exercise just make sure you concentrate on the squeeze and the stretch at the bottom of the movement.

Have the cable at the bottom and pull towards your abdominal area and really squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.


The Low Cable Row
The Low Cable Row
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