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✅ So here we present not just the best exercise for biceps, there’s plenty to choose from to fuel years of development and progress. ✅ The list includes an array of cable and free-weight options, each of which has its own distinct advantages.


Tutorial Biceps exercises
Tutorial Biceps exercises

🚨 One-Arm High-Cable Curl


“That’s just a showboat exercise.” So it has been said about the high-cable curl, and indeed, it essentially mimics the standard-bearer of bodybuilding poses, the front double biceps. But dig deeper and you’ll find the benefits, in both its continuous tension and its unique positioning of the elbows compared to most biceps moves. And the single-arm variation is a strong alternative with unique rewards of its own.

✅ Main Area Targeted: Biceps brachii, with emphasis on the peak

✅ Strengths: As with any cable-based movement, a primary benefit here is the continuous tension maintained throughout, from the arm fully extended to the elbow fully flexed position. This means there’s no respite, with the muscle under tension throughout each set. Also, elevating the elbow out to the side varies the stress of a typical biceps exercise and helps remove the body English that can be applied via the hips during an arms-at-your-sides curl. Performing this move unilaterally allows you to further sharpen your focus on each arm.


Biceps workout
Biceps workout


✅ How-To: Stand with your feet just inside shoulder-width apart, off hand on your hip, holding a D-handle attached to a high-pulley cable. You can also use a staggered stance for balance if you prefer. Keeping your upper arm elevated so it’s parallel to the floor throughout, curl the D-handle toward your ear and squeeze your biceps hard for a one-count. Then slowly extend your elbow, stopping when it’s just slightly bent to protect against hyperextension, without letting the weight stack touch down. Alternate between this version and the two-arm move for variety.

Biceps Exercises
Biceps Exercises


🚨 Standing Cable Curl

✅ You’ll notice a decided pattern in this list. Truth is, when it comes to biceps, the only way to directly engage them is to bend your elbows. So outside of compound moves such as rows and pulldowns for your back that also engage your bi’s, and isometric exercise in which you simply hold a contraction, training biceps is all about curling. This particular curl involves a cable and your choice of attachment, from a straight or cambered bar to a rope or even a D-handle if you train one arm at a time.

✅ Main Area Targeted: Biceps brachii, with brachialis activation if using a rope

Build Biceps
Build Biceps


✅ Strengths: This exercise boasts the same primary benefit as high-cable curls: the constant tension provided by the cable. However, it gains a slight edge because it offers the ability to work against more total resistance and your elbows are in a mechanically stronger position at your sides.

✅ How-To: Stand holding a bar attached to a low-pulley cable with an underhand grip, elbows extended. Keep your abs tight, chest up and head straight as you contract your biceps to curl the bar toward your chest, keeping your elbows at your sides throughout. Hold and squeeze the contraction at the top, then slowly return the bar along the same path. Repeat for reps without letting the weight stack touch down between reps.

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