🍑How to Booty Building Exercises | Video & Guide

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🍑 How to Booty Building Exercises

🔥 Complete 3-5 rounds but remember chickies, even 1 round is better than none.

1️⃣ Rainbow lunges x 15 each side. 🍑 DR & pregnancy friendly. Be sure you’re sitting back into the lunge so your grounded glute is activated. To help be sure your toes are lifted, this will help you from falling forward.


Bigger Butt Chellenge
Bigger Butt Chellenge

Sculpt your glutes and lower body with these 6 booty building exercises for women; a complete lower body workout in 20 minutes!

Turn these 6 booty building exercises into a 20 minute lower body workout by completing each exercise for 20 reps, then 16 reps, then 12 reps, then 8 reps, and finally 4 reps.

You’ll repeat this workout x 5 sets, dropping 4 reps per set {totaling 60 reps per exercise}. Option to add a set of medium dumbbells to the strength exercises to make it even more challenging.


  1. Single Leg Deadlift + Kickback {20/16/12/8/4 reps per leg}
  2. Single Leg Plyo Lunge {20/16/12/8/4 reps per leg}
  3. Chair Step Ups + Leg Lift {20/16/12/8/4 reps per leg}
  4. Squat Jump + Lunge Jump Combo
  5. Chair Bulgarian Lunges {20/16/12/8/4 reps per leg}
  6. Chair Glute Bridges

*Repeat this workout x 5 sets, dropping 4 reps per set.

See video above for below complete workout and proper exercise form. 

Booty Building
Booty Building

VIDEO GUIDE Booty Building:


1️⃣ Squat pulses x 20 (squeeze those buns like a babies butt and keep your toes lifted so your weight is in your heels) – DR (diastasis recti) & pregnancy friendly.

Glute Powerful exercises
Glute Powerful exercises



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