🚨How to Core Training Exercises | Guide

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🔥 Core Training Exercises

Core Training Exercises
✅ Core Training Exercises

🚨 What is important exercises for the side press?
The oblique abdominals perform 2 important functions:

  1. Aesthetic. The lateral muscles form a beautiful silhouette, create a strong, taut torso (sagging folds on the sides of the body nullify the entire effect of the press dice), visually stretch the figure, and in women also become the key to a thin waist.
  2. Supportive. This function is important for the organism as a whole, because strong oblique muscles support the spine on the principle of a natural corset and directly affect human health.


In everyday life, the side press is almost not loaded, and the depth of its location does not allow to work on it along with other muscle groups. Therefore, it is necessary to specifically work on this area.

🔥 Dumbbell Side Bend Power Workout for Obliques

✅ Stand up: legs slightly apart, back straight, arms extended to the arm in one the arm opposite from the inclination, we take the dumbbell, the second hand behind the head for balance

  • We lean the body to the right until the feeling of tension in the left side. Go back.
  • Similarly, tilting the body to the left until the feeling of tension in the muscles in the right side.
  • Number of approaches: 3.
  • Number of times: 8-12 each way.
Dumbbell Side Bend Power Workout for Obliques
Dumbbell Side Bend Power Workout for Obliques


🔥 Bicycle Crunch

✅ Starting position: both hands lie on the back of my head, legs are slightly bent at the knees.

  • We pull the right elbow to the right knee, at the top point we linger for a couple of seconds.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • We make the necessary number of approaches, change the position and repeat all over again.


  • When performing exercises it is better to use a gymnastic mat.
  • The hand, which lies on the abdominal muscles, remains there constantly, until the exercise is completed.
  • Number of approaches: 3.
  • Number of times: 8 each way.
Bicycle Crunch
✅ Bicycle Crunch
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