🚨How to Workout Chest & Triceps | Guide

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🔥 Workout Chest & Triceps

Chest & Triceps
Chest & Triceps

💥 How to pumping your gain chest?

For effective training of the pectoral muscles to the mass, it is necessary to ensure such a regime of loading, in which the main muscle growth factors will be performed. Thus, the following principles will form the basis of the training:


  • The use of 2 basic exercises performed in high-intensity mode – 6-8 repetitions;
  • The use of 2 isolated exercises, performed at the highest quality, with a small working weight, in a large number of repetitions – 12-15.
  • The use of exercises to stretch the pectoral muscles after exercise.

🔥 Chest WorkOut Mass Program 

Chest WorkOut Mass Program 
Chest WorkOut Mass Program

💥 Practical tips and advice on the implementation of this complex:

  1. Perform this program once a week – either on a separate day, or on the day of your back workout, or on the day of your biceps;
  2. The total duration of the complex is 6 weeks, after which it is necessary to switch to another training complex;
  3. Properly calculate the working weight in the basic exercises – remember that the optimal working weight is the one with which you can manage only the required number of repetitions or one repetition more than the required one;
  4. In isolated exercises, use a working weight with which you can perfectly complete 12-15 working repetitions;
  5. After a workout, do not forget to take protein and creatine.

🔥 Overall Triceps Mass

Arm extension in a block simulator is an excellent isolated exercise for working out triceps. This movement is quite simple and is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.


Proper execution technique

  • Sit in a triceps block treadmill, grab handrails, secure your feet by the bolsters
  • With the powerful accentuated effort of the triceps, begin to straighten the arms, stopping at the lowest point of the exercise for 1-2 seconds;
  • Perform 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.
Overall Triceps Mass
Overall Triceps Mass


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