The 3 Best Core Workout, Types, Technique

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The 3 Best Core Workout

Consider the variation for pumping the abs muscle with 3 Best Core Workout.

How to Do Best Core Workout
How to Do Best Core Workout


The Core muscles are one of the important muscles involved in stabilizing the whole body. It also has supportive function, spine, and lower back.

Let’s see how to properly pump your core muscles with just 3 exercises.

1. Lying leg Raise Crunch

This core exercise can be performed in various ways as a variety, alternate them in your workouts.

We will tell you how to perform the classic version lying leg raise crunch:

how to do lying leg raise crunch


Preparation to Exercises:

  • In this exercise, you can use a horizontal bench, for a more advanced level you can increase the tilt of the bench to 20-30 degrees.
  • Lie with your head on the edge of the bench. Hands can hold on to the edges of the bench.
  • Raise your legs so that they are at an angle of 90 degrees to your body.

How to Do:

  • Start lifting the pelvis up to the ceiling while straightening your legs, in the upper position, fix legs in for a few seconds, feel the maximum tension of your abs.
  • Return to the begin position by completing the desired number of repetitions.

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2. Abs Side-Raises

This is the second-best core workout in the complex pumping oblique muscles of the abdomen.

how to do side raises
side raises workout

How to Do:


  • Become straight, take a dumbbell in one hand, the second hand can be put behind the head, put your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Start the exercise, bend only the waist, the inclinations are performed one way then the other, minimize oblique muscles. 


  • Tilt only with your waist, the rest of the body should be motionless

Caution: Do not perform this exercise often since obliques tend to grow rapidly and may increase your waistline.

Variations: This exercise can also be performed while sitting on a bench or with two dumbbells in two hands.

3. Decline Oblique-Crunch

One of the varieties of core workout, crunch on a bench. Let’s work out how to do it right.

how to do decline oblique-crunch
decline oblique-crunch workout

How to Do:


  • The exercise is target at working out the oblique muscles of the abdomen and the whole muscle of the core.
  • Lie on a decline bench, put your legs under the special rollers, fixing your legs. Fasten your hands behind your head into the castle, go down to the very bottom of the bench, this will be the begin position.
  • Start to crunch slowly, stretch your elbow first crunch to one knee, in the second crunch lift to the other knee.
  • Exhale on the rise and while you are going down to the begin position take a deep breath.
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions.


  • Do not rise or fall too fast.
  • Do not do core exercises with jerking.
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