👇How to Landmine Row | Picture & Video

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🔥 Landmine Row

🚨 This is just a small gym hack for the landmine row that I found out months after I first started training that completely changed how I performed the exercise.

Landmine Row
✅Landmine Row

1. Use multiple smaller plates instead of the big 45lbs/20kg plate as this will allow you to bring the bar close to you, increasing the ROM (I know it is not a crazy different amount, but it definitely helps me get that contraction)


2. Use a double row handle when performing the exercise as gripping the barbell is very uncomfortable and can be slippery!

🚨 Landmine Single-Arm Barbell Row

Landmine Single-Arm Barbell Row
Landmine Single-Arm Barbell Row

🔥 Coaching Notes: 👇


  • Start with your feet perpendicular to the bar in a shoulder-width stance with both knees bent.
  • Position your trunk so your chest is just above parallel to the ground and your back is flat.
  • Position the arm you use for the movement with the shoulder directly over the barbell.
  • Use the arm outside of the barbell to deload your spine by placing your elbow on your outside knee and stabilizing your lower back and pelvis.
  • Maintaining a flat spine, row the barbell up, driving your elbows up and controlling the movement back down into a stretched position at the bottom.
  • To enhance range of motion, load smaller plates (10’s or 25’s) on the bar, since this will allow more room for a deep stretch in the bottom position.
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