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✅ The leg extension is the purest test of the strength of your quads. No other exercise can isolate them like the leg extension – it’s a tried-and-tested isolation exercise for leg growth.

✅ But what if you can’t use it? What If your gym doesn’t have a leg extension machine and you’re still looking to develop the strength and health of your legs? That’s the problem we’re going to tackle today.


🚨 The Leg Extension Movement

✅ One of the reasons why the leg extension is so popular and effective is that it works a movement that is not seen anywhere else in sport and exercise. It suspends the hips and loads your legs right at the end with a pad.

Leg Workout Extension
Leg Workout Extension

✅ The difference between a knee extension and a squat, for example, is that squatting involves a “pushing” motion through all of the lower body. The leg extension is a totally synthetic movement that has no parallel in sport or other exercises.

✅ This is also the challenge of replacing the leg extension. If nothing else in the change achieves the same movement, what do we do to replace it? Well, we’re going to focus on training the muscle for the same adaptation, and doing some hold in the positions that the leg-extension develops.

With this approach, you’ll still get the same thigh development we’ve talked about, but you’ll also be putting time and effort into the same positions and under-rated processes that have made the leg extension so popular.

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