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🔥 Increase scapular stability for better shoulder development.

Increase scapular stability for better shoulder development
💥 Increase scapular stability for better shoulder development

🚨 The scapula through dynamic muscular stabilization provides a stable surface for the shoulder joint to move about. It is stabilized by the rhomboids, trapezius, serratus anterior, levator scapulae and the pec minor. Although the pec minor is often over active affecting the rest of the muscles. When the scapula is unable to perform its role, shoulder movement becomes inefficient and can decrease neuromuscular performance and predispose one to injuries at the shoulder joint. While increased stability of the scapula also allows for greater mobility at the shoulder joint allowing for more ROM.


✅The reason we want a very stable scapula when it comes to shoulder and chest development/power is to create a stable surface for the deltoid muscles to contract from. As covered last time, we need a stiff/stable core for the muscles attaching it to generate force, this applies to the scapula as well. A stable scapula is crucial for the rear and middle deltoid muscles since they originate at the scapula. While the front deltoid originates from the clavicle stable scapula is needed for proper overhead movement to avoid impingement and allow for full ROM.

Scapular stability is also crucial during bench-press activities, not having the proper stable base of support at the scapula which intern hold the humerus can lead to excessive protraction during the bench press and decrease effectiveness of the movement. Shoulder stability plays a role in this as well but we’ll cove that another time. For these reason its is crucial to have a stable scapula and strong musculature around it to support it. In the next post we’ll look at some exercises to improve stability in order to improve your shoulder and chest development.

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