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Here is a 5 exercise combo to improve your thoracic mobility. A lot of us lack thoracic mobility and it can lead to compensations down the chain leading to potential back pain, or problems with scapular mechanics etc, not always but it is possible. It’s also a great way of looking a bit taller haha.

❎ Step 1) The first thing you’ll want to do is release your thoracic paraspinal muscles, when we have poor moibility in the spine those muscles tend to get tight, in a lengthened position because we want to rely on more static stability then muscular. When they’re tight they can limit ROM and effectiveness of mobility exercises. To release them, you want to get a peanut ball, two lacrosse balls or tennis balls taped together. Put them on your thoracic spine around the middle of the shoulder blades, lay down on the floor and if it’s not too intense already you may roll back and forth or perform slight extensions for 30-60 seconds.


❎ Step 2) the next thing we’re going to do is release the lat muscles; these should also be stretched if they’re tight. To release them we’ll be using a foam roller. Lay the foam roller on the ground perpendicular to you, and lay onto of it having it run over your lats, then proceed to roll back and forth on it 30-60 seconds.



❎ Step 3) We’ll begin to mobilize the thoracic spine with flexion extension and rotation exercises. The first one will be cat-cow exercises, focusing on arching and curving the spine in the thoracic region as much as possible using your abdominals to curl it in and erectors curve it in 2 sets 30 reps. Step 4) We will mobilize the spine through rotation by performing thoracic rotations, sit in a childs pose having your butt close to your feet to prevent rotation through the lumbar spine. Put your hand behind your neck and focus on your elbow, begin to rotate out and in for 30 reps, repeat 2x. step 5) Place the foam roller on the ground, lay onto of it having it lay around the bottom of your shoulder blades. Grab your neck and lock your elbows together and begin to perform a crunch motion focusing on the lowering portion and returning to neutral 30 reps 2x.

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