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Are your knees falling in when you squat? Do you feel tightness in your hips when you go down into a deeper squat? It maybe the squat triad (made up terms), it is 3 things that often accompany one another when it comes to falling in knees. These 3 things are underactive glutes, tight adductors and stiff ankles. Each one can affect the other, usually the adductors cause altered reciprocal inhibition in the glutes, which leads to internal rotation of the hip or adduction causing the ankle to stiffen over time because the arch isn’t able to stay up. Of course that’s not the only thing that can arise from there are multitude of things that can affect that complex.

The first thing you want to do is release your adductors, using either self myofacial release or simple stretching techniques. This will decrease their tonicity and will allow the glutes to work better as abductors. This will help you keep your knees externally rotated and abducted during your squat. The next thing you want to do is open up your ankle, using midfoot mobilizations, ankle mobilizations and calf stretching. This will help unlock your ankle to allow for further abduction during deep squats. And lastly strengthen the abduction and external rotation aspect of the glutes, you may find yourself only training the extension part of the glutes which is only part of what they do.

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