Lose weight in 2 weeks – Before and After Loss Weight Story

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You Can too Lose Weight in 2 Weeks.

I want to share my story how could I Lose Weight in 2 Weeks and it is a small victory over myself. In this story, I will not give advice on what to do or not do. This is my story, my result. How to act specifically to you, it’s up to you.

My Story How I Lose weight in 2 weeks
How I Lose weight in 2 weeks


First I will introduce myself, my name is Frank to me 32 years old. Married, has a child of 8 years.

  • Frank, 32 years old, lost weight by 5kg in 8 weeks

As a child, I was a fairly active and thin child. In my youth I went in for sports and led an active lifestyle. After the marriage, much has changed: sedentary work, delicious meal of the wife, and instead of walking – driving.

Weight was gain slowly, but confidently. I did not notice how he reached the point in 98 kilograms in winter and 93 in summer. With an increase of 177 cm.

One might think that this is not much, but for me it was critical, I felt a surplus in kilograms. With a little run, the knee joints began to ache, dyspnea appeared. About any other physical exertion could not be considered. I even had a hard time bending down to tie my shoelaces on my shoes. In general, I’m tired of all this.

How i got it Lose weight in 2 weeks, meals, diet.

I decided to seriously take on myself. I wanted to not just lose weight, but also be a little tight, a young man.

To begin with severe debilitating exercises, it would be a blow to my joints and an extra burden on the heart.

I started with a simple one. That is, divided meals from three times, to six. I ate everything the same as before, but in smaller portions and more often. This was necessary in order to reduce the volume of the stomach. At the majority of people it is stretched many times, therefore during meal it is eaten more, than it is necessary. It was quite easy and literally in a couple of weeks I could not already have those volumes of food that I ate without difficulty.


The result of reducing the stomach was achieved. Then I began to exclude those products that in my opinion were harmful or of little use to me. This is all kinds of sauces, ketchups and mayonnaise, bacon, ham, sausages and other.

Alcohol I also ruled out, but I decided to do this not for losing weight, but for a healthy lifestyle. Instead of fried food, he began to bake products, switched to more dietary meat: turkey, beef, lean fish. Minimized consumption of boiled potatoes, rice and pasta. Eat more, than before, vegetables in raw and boiled form, greenery and fresh seasonal vegetables. The main dressing for the salad was the juice of freshly squeezed lemon and olive oil. Later, I’m bought a sorrelized sunflower oil for a change in the diet.

Decreased the consumption of salt and sugar. I eat basically after six, there is nothing terrible in this. The main thing is not to eat two hours before bedtime. Sweet tried to eat less, refused all the shop cookies, cakes. Only homemade cakes, at best biscuit pie with berries and fruits. Low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese with dried apricots and raisins. Everyone can make an individual menu for himself. Who loves what and at what time of day. All sorts of calorie calculators, the Internet is full.

I recently saw an article by a girl on this site and decided to share with you, read her weight loss story, I was interested.

My weight loss results in 2 weeks

I start losing weight in July with a weight of 93 kilograms. In less than 8 week I lost 5 kilograms. For me it is more than enough. Food all the same, I do not intend to change anything. For myself, I realized that this is not a diet.

This is a normal, healthy diet. And it would be good that many of us would understand this. And they came their way not to a diet, but to the right healthy diet. I want my story to serve as a push for those who want, but can not start losing weight for some reason. It is possible and necessary to change. It’s not difficult at all

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