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Exercise for the triceps, Cable Kick Back in the upper block

How to Cable Kick Back



Instructions for implementation:  Cable Kick Back

  • The starting position is standing directly in front of the block simulator, before the loads. With one hand, right, hold the horizontal handle for traction from above, grasp the palm to itself (grip from below). We lower the arm downward, or avert arm off back if you perform the exercises in the slope, the shoulder and elbow are fixed, pressed to the side, form with the body an acute angle (less than 90 degrees). The second hand can be press in the waist, one leg can be put forward, the second – back, for greater stability;
  • Triceps strain, straightening the arm and moving it down along the same side of the body. Exhale while straighten the arm.

Tip: Only the forearm moves, the upper part of the arm is stationary all the time;

Cable Kick Back in the upper block
Cable Kick Back in the upper block


  • Hold for a second at the point of greatest contraction of the triceps;
  • Slowly return to the starting position;
  • Do the exercise the right number of times, then repeat it with the other hand;


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