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Tricep Overhead Extensions

Strong triceps are needed in all sports – from tennis to boxing.

Short article maps:

    1. The work of muscles;
    2. Technique of execution Extension of Tricep Overhead;
    3. Tips – Extension of Tricep Overhead;
    4. Description of Implementation of Tricep Overhead
How to Cable Machine Tricep Overhead Extensions
How to Cable Machine Tricep Overhead Extensions


In bodybuilding, a developed triceps is a necessary condition for competing athletes. One of the best exercises for drawing and pumping triceps is the extension of the hands due to the Tricep Overhead Extensions, which involves all the beams. However, few of the athletes do it right. Illiterate technique of execution leads to the dispersion of the load, reducing the effectiveness of the exercise. Therefore, first of all, we will analyze the competent technique of this exercise.

Extension of Tricep Overhead: the work of muscles

      • Long bunch of triceps
      • External triceps bundle
      • Medium bundle of triceps
      • Anconus (located on the back of the arm, at the elbow).

Technique of execution Extension of Tricep Overhead

      1. Attach the rope handle to the upper block, grasp it with your hands, sit on the bench with your back to the simulator.
      2. Bend your hands in the elbows, so that the ends of the handle are located behind your head.
      3. Slowly straighten your arms, keeping your elbows in a fixed position. At the final point, prolong the peak contraction, withstood a short pause.
      4. In the starting position, pull the handle with a neutral grip, and then turn the Hands inward (palms down). Such an execution will cause the triceps to contract more powerfully.
      5. Return to the starting position.

Tips and Recommendations Extension of Tricep Overhead

Recommendations Extension of Tricep Overhead
Recommendations Extension of Tricep Overhead


      • Take an even body position will help you tilt the body. Choose the angle of inclination at which it will be easiest for you to maintain balance. In all phases of the exercise, keep your back straight.
      • The correct starting position is that your hands will be perpendicular to the floor. When performing extension from behind the head, do not change the position of the hands. Only in this case a long bundle of triceps get the full load in full.
      • When you turn your palms down, most of the load goes to the medial bundles of the triceps, which are also being worked on.
      • Choose the optimal working weight. Excessive weights will force you to help your arms torso, tilting it forward. Such an exercise deprives the exercise of any meaning.

Method of implementation Extension of Tricep Overhead

    • When to perform: The Extension of Tricep Overhead on the block is one of the auxiliary exercises that should be performed at the very end of the triceps workout.
    • How to perform:  After this exercise, it is recommended to perform one more exercise for triceps.
    • How to set-reps perform: 3-4 sets for 10-12 reps.
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