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Doing Sit Ups Barbell Gym Smith Machine – the right technique and important nuances.

What is a Smith machine? Surely not everyone knows what this car is and why it is needed. When you come to the gym, pay attention to the high rectangular frame, inside of which there is a barbell fixed between the rails. Here we will do sit-ups in the Smith simulator. Let’s open the secret: doing an exercise in this version is easier than with a conventional barbell. And yet, the right technique is required.

What is Smith’s simulator for?

Simulator simulator is suitable for loading buttocks, legs during squats and chest, arms and shoulders during various presses. Great for girls.

Sit Ups Barbell Gym Smith Machine

When a person is just starting to practice, his muscles are not ready for a classic squat. Try to sit down with an empty barbell when you do not have at least a month of training. It will be difficult: the knees walk with staggering, the pelvis then deflects forward, then backwards, and the barbell to slide onto the shoulder blades. For such cases, the Smith simulator is needed.

  • The Smith machine allows you to perform a series of exercises for beginners for pinpoint muscle training. After that you can work with free weights!
  • You can work without a partner. At any time you can turn the barbell and fix it in any of the possible positions. It is very beneficial when you are alone in the gym, or everyone is busy. Imagine the case with a free barbell: you sat down and you want to get up, but the weight is too heavy, and you can not get up. What to do? Throw! Sometimes this thought comes too late. And sometimes there are a lot of people around, you can cripple someone. In this situation, no correct technique will help. A partner is one thing, and the technique is another.
  • You will not fall! Doing sit-ups in the Smith simulator, you rely on the barbell, which goes strictly in the vertical direction. This means that you do not have to worry about your balance. Just lean on the barbell.

Squatting options

Sit Ups Barbell Gym Smith Machine

Before considering the technique, let’s talk about the options for setting the feet. From the way you put your feet, it will depend on which muscles you are pumping.

  • Feet together. At the same time, the front parts of the quadriceps of the legs are loaded. Serious burden goes to the knees. Therefore, if you have sore knees, put your feet wider. This option is suitable for preparing for a bodybuilding competition, along with many other exercises.
  • Legs shoulder width or wider. In this case, the sides of the legs are pumped, the inside of the thigh. A frequent variant of the work counter for girls.
  • The legs are very wide – more often this option is not recommended at all, or recommended to women who want to pump the inside of the thigh.

To pump the buttocks, put your feet slightly further forward, leaning your back on the barbell. Do not be afraid, you will not fall.

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