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How To: One-Leg Press – for the buttocks and the back of the thigh

How To: One-Leg Press



One-Leg press in the simulator. It is designed to work on the back of the thigh and buttocks. You can vary the setting of the foot on the platform, thereby accentuating the load on one or another group of muscles. Thus, you will be able to workout the muscles of the buttocks and legs in one workout.

Features of the exercise One-Leg press

The One-Leg press is ideal for training the hamstring, quadriceps (ie quadriceps), and also the gluteus maximus. Plus this movement is that it is not contraindicated for problems with the lower back. The legs press bench simulator allows to completely remove the load from the waist, redirecting it to the buttocks and, in fact, the legs.

Exercise does not belong to the category of the most simple and requires certain skills and sports training. Beginners are advised to begin mastering it with minimal weight and a small number of repetitions. Women have enough weight in 15-20 kg, men need more weight – 25-35 kg. You should do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. However, if you can not perform the required number of repetitions with such a burden, take less weight.

After mastering the technique, exercises can gradually increase the load by 5 kg at a time. The number of repetitions can also be increased to 15.

How To: One-Leg Press



Description of the technique One-Leg press

The main thing in working with burdening is security. For this reason, always practice with partner. If you are a beginner athlete, do not give up the help of a coach or a partner in the gym. Let them be near and if necessary help you. Also pay attention to the equipment. You need comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes with a non-slip sole.

In order to perform a One-Leg press, take the correct position in the simulator. To do this, adjust it in accordance with your height and physique, set the necessary weight. Leave the spindle about 45 degrees and occupy the position. Make sure that your back and buttocks are firmly pressed against the seat. Put one foot in the platform, and put the other on the floor. Now you can proceed to the exercise.

One-Leg press



  1. Raise the platform slightly with your foot and remove the retaining clips
  2. Bend the working leg in the knee, thereby lowering the platform as far down as possible. Take care that the knee goes to the chest, and not to the side.
  3. When you find yourself at the lowest point of the amplitude, exhale and perform a press with one powerful force. Do not unbend your leg to the end. So you put pressure on your knees and cause an injury. Push the platform with the entire foot with an emphasis on the heels, this will also help to protect your knees.
  4. Perform all the repetitions with one foot. After that, change your legs, after fixing retaining clips the weight on the simulator.

One-Leg press allows you to maximize the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Moving your foot along the platform, you can change the shift the load, achieving a comprehensive study of all muscle groups. The first results will be visible only 1.5 months after the start of training. The relief of your legs will improve, and the strength indicators will increase.

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