Low Back Pain with Bent Over Rows

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🚨 Low Back Pain with Bent Over Rows?

Low Back Pain with Bent Over Rows
✅ Low Back Pain with Bent Over Rows

🔥 Bent over rows are one of the best lat exercises but they can be tricky to master. There are a few variations of the bent over rows which can put even more pressure on the low back, like the pendlay row or power row which are power based exercises. What is often not considered with these exercises is that they’re essentially an isometric RDL at the greatest stress point on the back. Maintaining this position requires great core stiffness and stability.

✅ One of the reasons you may be feeling it in your low back more than you should is you’re not stabilizing your pelvis enough. The lack of pelvic stability can make it hard for the erectors in the spine to do there job. A lack of stability in the pelvis can cause the pelvic region to rotate forward causing slight movements in the low back. This often is the cases because there is a lack of glute contraction. Remember the glutes must be actively engaged through out the exercise to keep you stable.

🔥Bent Over Rows
🔥Bent Over Rows

The next reason is, you’re not keeping your back straight. Often like in the deadlift people will round their back too much or over extend. This is never a good thing as it creates excessive forces in the spine. You may get away with this for a bit but eventually it will begin to cause discomfort or even pain. It’s important to always pay attention to your form.

Lastly if you already keep your gluten engaged and back straight and are still getting pain, it may be time to try a different variation of the exercise. The bent over rows can be performed on a bench by laying on it while having it angled. This will take the pressure of the spine that would otherwise be required to keep the back straight. You may also try incorporating core strengthening exercises to stiffen up your core.

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