Not Feeling Your Glutes During Your Workout

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🔥 Not Feeling Your Glutes During Your Workout

Glutes During Your Workout
🔥 Glutes During Your Workout

✅ If you’re not feeling your glutes during your workout it could be a variety of things from muscle tightness, motor control, compensation etc. If you’re feeling your squats or deadlifts in your low back, hamstrings or quads only, there is some issue that’s preventing you from activating your glutes properly. You can try some of these things before your next workout to improve it.
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The first thing that could be causing you not to feel your glutes is your hamstrings are overworking for your glutes. To remedy this, next time you train legs and go to do squats or hip thrusts give your hamstrings a good stretch 3 sets (30 secs). After that, do 2 sets of bridges 15 reps to create potentiation in the glute muscles. This should prime them to work better for your working sets of exercises.
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After practicing your hip hinge for a few sets, this will help you disassociate your low back from your hip movement. This will help get rid of any compensation done by the lumbar extensors during any form of squat or hinge exercise.
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💪🏾 The next two things are done during your exercises, make sure to engage your core muscles to create some tension on the pelvis keeping it more stable for the glutes to work from. With that in mind as you perform exercises always maintain a small isometric contraction in your glutes to keep them primed for working. And lastly, think of pushing with your hips the best cue I think of is think of doing a humping motion with your hips as you press up from your exercise.


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