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⭕️ PULL UPS – Exercise aimed at increasing the volume of the muscles of the back. Anatomically, the process is constructed in such a way that the vertical traction exercises performed in this way contribute to the development of the back muscles in width, which creates the appearance of a muscular and sporty torso.

⭕️ What Happens Anatomically:

The main part of the load during the exercise falls on the broadest, diamond-shaped, trapezius and large round muscles of the back, as well as the rear deltas, biceps and forearms.

Stabilizers in this movement are the extensors of the spine, the muscles of the press and the front serrated muscles.

  • At this point you should be able to figure out why your shoulders hurt during certain movements, and the cause is: internal rotation of the shoulders.
  • When we try pull ups or pull downs or chin ups, the number ONE thing we need to do (both for safety and back development) is to LOCK those scapulas down and back.
  • It’s the most important thing you need to remember, if you want to develop those wings.
  • If you don’t, asides from not making back gains, you even get chronic 🔥 shoulder pain & impingement.

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