🔥Pullovers the Forgotten Exercise | Guide

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🔥 Pullovers the Forgotten Exercise

✅ Pullovers

✅ This forgotten exercises is a great addition to any training routine for a few reasons. However in what day should you add it, back or chest? It has been debated whether the pullover is a lat exercise or a chest one. The truth is as far as a straight arm pullover comes its mostly pec major shown by (Marchetti PH 2011). .

✅ That being said, it does not stop the pullover from being useful in regards to the lats. The pull over provides a great loaded eccentric stretch of the lats as well as the pecs. This can help improve shoulder mobility as the lower fibers of the pec are rarely stretched. Warning the exercise is fairly advanced and requires a good deal of shoulder and scapular stability if you lack those or have had an injury you may want to reconsider it.


Pullovers the Forgotten Exercise
Pullovers the Forgotten Exercise

Personally I like to add some thoracic extension when performing these by lowering my legs down keeping the low back nice and straight while extending at the upper thoracic region. Do you guys incorporate pullovers into your routine?

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