🔥3 Top Legs Exercises | Guide

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🔥 3 Top Legs Exercises

3 Top Legs Exercises
3 Top Legs Exercises

🔥 Benefits of DeadLift

💥 How to Technique: 

💪 Initial position:

  • Prepare the barbell by hanging discs on it.
  • Go to the bar, set the feet on the width of the hips and parallel to each other.
  • Lean forward, squatting and pushing the pelvis back. At the same time, keep your back arched.


  • Grasp the barbell with the closed grip wider than the shoulders.
  • Raise the barbell and stand up, holding the projectile on outstretched arms.
  • Keep your knees soft and slightly bent.
Benefits of DeadLift
Benefits of DeadLift

🔥 Romanian DeadLift

💥 Recommendations!

  1. When you first meet with a dead lift, start work with an empty barbell. Big weights in this exercise are dangerous for the spine.
  2. Do not tilt the body below the parallel with the floor – such amplitude is usually sufficient to focus the load on the target muscles. A slope below will make you round the back and subject the spinal column to excessive stress.
  3. Keep your head in line with the vertebra, it helps to better stabilize the body and keep your back straight.
  4. If it is possible, then it is better to start the exercise from the stand, so as not to hunch your back with excessive bending.
Romanian DeadLift
Romanian DeadLift

🔥 Benefits of Deficit DeadLifts

  • Use traction
  • Development of leg strength:


💥 Performing deadlifts in this form is regularly found in the training of powerlifters and weightlifters. One of the goals of this exercise is the inclusion of the hips, due to the stronger bending of the knee joints. Thus, the athlete, performing deadlift from the stand, bends the knee more strongly, which leads to an increase in the participation of the quadriceps in the exercise

Benefits of Deficit DeadLifts
Benefits of Deficit DeadLifts


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