🔥5 Arnold’s Exercises Chest Routine | Guide

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🔥 5 Arnold’s Exercises Chest Routine

5 Exercises Chest Routine
💥5 Exercises Chest Routine

🔥Arnold’s Parallel Bar Dips

💥Strength. Push-ups on Bar Dips – an effective tool for developing the overall strength of the shoulder girdle. Here, the angle of the body is not necessary to choose. The body itself will find a position that allows you to exercise the most powerful muscular effort. Hang on the belt and do 6-8 repetitions. Gradually increase the weight of the burden. I myself remember, I did power push-ups with 80 kg dumbbells.


💥 Pamping. Bar Dips – are suitable for maximum pumping of the triceps, as well as the muscles of the entire shoulder girdle. The latter, by the way, may be useful to you before entering the competition podium. Nowadays there was no simulator with a counterweight, and therefore assistance was provided by the partner. He supported my feet. In the simulator everything is easier. Just move the pin lower and lower until you have done 30-50 push-ups in total falsity.

Arnold's Parallel Bar Dips
Arnold’s Parallel Bar Dips

🔥Arnold’s Pullover

💥 Exercise pullover – for the pectoral and broadest muscles In terms of hypertrophy, the pullover has the maximum effect on the pectoralis major muscle. Bret Contreras conducted a study using an electromyograph during which it became clear that pullovers load the pectoral muscles by about 85%, while the broadest only gets about 15% of the load.

Arnold's Pullover
Arnold’s Pullover

🔥 Dumbbell Incline Press

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench pumps the upper part and the inner edge of the pectoral muscle. The dumbbell bench on an inclined bench forms, thickens, raises and increases the volume of the upper chest.

💥 How to Technique:

  1. Put the back of the bench at 35-40 ° with respect to the horizontal. Lay on it, legs should be wider than shoulders and firmly rested on the floor. Shoulders, head and hips pressed to the bench.
  2. Take dumbbells with the upper grip and lift them up to the shoulder line (closer to the deltas). Throughout the exercise, the palms should be directed where your eyes are looking – clearly up. This provision is the original.
  3. Take a deep breath, stop breathing, squeeze the dumbbells up so that they are on top exactly above the shoulders. The elbows move exactly in the plane of the shoulders and always look to the sides.


  1. Having mastered the most difficult area of ​​recovery, make an exhalation.
    Above the arms are completely flat, and the dumbbells are strictly above the shoulders.
  2. Stop for a few moments and tighten your chest muscles even more. Then – take a deep breath and, having stopped the breath, lower the dumbbells to the deltas.
  3. When the dumbbells reach the level of the shoulders, without stopping, immediately change the direction of movement and again squeeze the dumbbells up.


Dumbbell Incline Press
Dumbbell Incline Press


🔥 Arnold’s Cable Flys

💥 Technique of the exercise:

  1. The first thing you need to remember when doing an exercise is a symmetrical arrangement of the body. This is necessary for even distribution of balance and level of force.
  2. Having taken the starting position, you need to keep the pelvis, feet and torso in a symmetrical position. This position will allow you to create an optimally symmetrical load in both pectoral muscles.
  3. At the top of the starting position, you should constantly feel a good stretching of the pectoral muscles. To achieve this, it is necessary from the starting position to find a position closer or further to stretch the pectoral muscles.
  4. Choose a position in which you will feel the maximum stretch and your hands will not dangle like ropes. When you have reached a favorable level of tension, you can begin to perform the exercise.

🔥Arnold’s Bench Press

✅Equipmentbench for bench pressbarbell.

✅The main muscles: large and small pectoral.

✅Additional muscles: front deltastriceps.

✅Level of training: from medium to advanced.

This is one of the most effective exercises on the chest.


Step 1. Starting positionlying on the benchGrasp the barbell wide grip on top (palms away), the distance between the hands – wider shoulders

Step 2. Remove the bar from the racks

Step 3. Taking a deep breathlower the bar to the middle of the chestHold your breath and squeeze the barbell strongly up on fully extended arms on a powerful exhalation.

Arnold's Bench Press
Arnold’s Bench Press
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