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🔥 Rear Delts Exercises

✅ One for the rear delts/middle traps: areas that are often neglected and don’t get enough love and training volume. ⁣

✅ The reverse pec deck flyes can be a great exercise for shoulder health too if performed correctly, and it can be a great add-on to your upper back development overall.⁣


Rear Delts Exercises
Rear Delts Exercises


✅ As always, it’s crucial to keep the shoulderblades locked down and back throughout the entire set, for each repetition. ⁣

Don’t be the classic bro who goes for the whole stack & work through momentum (drawing on the left). While you definitely want it to be challenging enough, use a load that allows you to perform 8-15 reps for a couple sets in order to reap all the benefits. ⁣

Nobody is gonna ask you  🚨 “how much you rear pec deck fly?” anyway, so make sure to pay extra attention to this exercise, putting your ego to the side. ⁣


rear pec deck fly
rear pec deck fly


✅ Sit tall and stick your chest out, pulling with your elbows and making sure your shoulders stay down through the movement. ⁣

🚨 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps should do.

Rear Delts
Rear Delts


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