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🔥Right Equipment DeadLift


💥 The key difference between dead thrust and classical thrust in the style of “sumo”  – is that the knee joints, when performed, do not bend or bend very little. This makes deadlifts on straight legs the most difficult form of this exercise, especially for people with poor flexibility.

The main condition for proper performance is a straight, slightly arched back, as well as almost straight knees (it is important to note that the absence of the slightest bend in the knees is dangerous for the joints). The chest is inflated with a wheel, the blades are brought together, the head is fixed in the same plane with the spine and the eyes look only forward.

✅ Keep your back straight (spine in a bent position), legs apart shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other.
✅ Grasp the fingerboard with the upper grip (it is considered the most convenient) shoulder-width apart. Keep the neck as close to the body as possible and do not lean back or forward, in the literal sense, it will slide first along the hips, then along the lower leg.
✅ Go down and forward with the barbell in your hands as low (not lower than the torso parallel to the floor), as far as possible while maintaining the straight position of the legs and back.
✅ Then smoothly return to the starting position, lifting the bar along the same trajectory.
✅ Exhalation in the upper position becomes the beginning of a new approach.


🚨 Stronger DeadLift

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