🔥How to Rack Pulls | Guide

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🔥Rack pulls vs RDL’s when should you do them❓

How to Rack Pulls
💥How to Rack Pulls

📍Rack pulls and Romanian dead lifts consist of the same motion and I can be confusing for (novice) lifters when do to each when training for hypertrophy. This exercise trains what in the bodybuilding community is referred to as the “Christmas tree”.

📌Rack pulls are essentially a modified RDL, except they allow you to go through the range of motion that lets you move the most weight and does not use the hamstrings as much. Since one is able to lift heavier weight than during an RDL you may progressively overload the erector spinae (in a healthy manner) to cause hypertrophy. If you’re training for functional movement this isn’t the best exercise.

📌When lifting a weight with the motion of a RDL/Rack pull we use our spine as a lever to transfer energy from the glutes/hamstrings in order to lift the weight. Since our spine is inherently weak in regards to static stabilization we require dynamic stabilization. When doing the motion repetitively the erector spinae must resist the flexion of the spine to keep it stable and the more its overloaded the more it grows (overloaded to a safe point).

Rack pulls vs RDL’s when should you do them
Rack pulls vs RDL’s when should you do them

📌When going through the motion it is crucial to keep a neutral spine because that’s the point when it is strongest in terms of stability; as well focusing on isometrically contracting the back to keep it rigid. The Rack pull is a good exercise for back day if you have trained legs recently or you want to avoid any extra soreness. RDL’s are a leg exercise as they focus on the glutes and hamstrings, (if your goals is to train your glutes that is your exercise ensure you have good hip mobility to go through the range of motion.)

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