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Hyperextension – is one of the most useful exercises that helps not only to develop, but also to strengthen the back muscles in the waist. Most often it is performed by girls in order to tighten the stomach. However, it must be done strictly according to the rules, and an experienced coach will always say that there is only one – the only true technique that makes this exercise really useful.


What muscles are trained in HYPER EXTENSIONS

Some believe that the main load at the same time lies on the buttocks, but this opinion is erroneous. In fact, here, the lower back and the back of the hips are practicing. In addition, here are involved the shortest muscles of the spine, which can not be trained by other methods. Here are the main organs that are involved in this exercise:

  • The biceps femoris.
  • Semi-tendinous hamstrings.
  • Semimembrian thigh muscle.
  • Calf muscle.
  • Gluteus maximusus.

However, the effect will only be if the exercise is performed correctly from the very beginning. In addition, you need to practice regularly, for 3 – 4 weeks.


Technique of execution HYPER EXTENSIONS WRONG

The technique of performing hyperextension is quite simple. First of all, you need to adjust the simulator for your growth. In this case, the front rollers should be exactly in the place where the fold of the waist and hips is located. As for the lower ridges, they should be placed slightly above the Achilles tendon. After the trainer is adjusted, you can start training.

  1. The first thing to do is to get the feet under the lower roller, which serves as a support for the feet. In this case, the back should be at the same level with the legs, that is, if desired, a straight line can be drawn between them. It is this position that can be regarded as the starting point.
  2. Now you can start the exercise itself. The first thing to do – it’s good to strain the buttocks and literally break in the lumbar region through the simulator. After that, the body must be tilted down, with the angle should not be more than or less than 60 degrees. Then you need to slightly round your back. After that, the hands must be crossed on the chest and smoothly, without jerks, return to the original position, that is, again lift the body up so that between it and the legs was the same straight line.
  3. In this position, you should fix it for about a second and repeat again. As for breathing, the body is lowered at the lowering of the body, and when it returns to its original position, it exhales.


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