How to Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl: Types, Benefits & Guide

1.Exercises: Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl 2. Muscle: Hamstrings 3. Type: Isolation 4. Sets: 3-4 5. Reps: 15-20

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How to Do Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl

We will consider an exercise for the biceps of the hip with Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl Exercises. The number of sets and reps depends on the working weight and your training. If you perform exercises without weighting, focus on 3 approaches 20-25 times. With weight gain, the number of times can be reduced to 5–10 in the approach, depending on the working weight.

Single-Leg What is Standing Hamstring Curl Training ?
How to Do Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl Executing



Benefits Hamstring Curl

Performing сurl legs while standing, you are entitled to expect the following benefits:

  1. Improvement of muscle strength in the posterior hough
  2. Isolated work out of the hough muscles;
  3. Good stretching of the thigh muscles;
  4. The formation of a line of a separation/separation of the buttocks from the hip;
  5. Drying of the hough muscles/separation of the hough muscles (with a certain
  6. Type of executing exercises);
  7. Lack of load on the spine and the opportunity executing if there were problems with the back (subject to the correct technique and the right weight).

Muscular Atlas Hamstring Curl

Exercise is considered isolated, the main target muscle that is used is the biceps of the hough.

  • Type: Curl
Ho to Do Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl
Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl, Benefits, Guide Executing

Muscle loads include the following:


  • Main mascle – biceps hough muscle;
  • Secondary muscle – soleus, calf muscles, how in detail training Calf muscle read in our article.
  • Stabilizing muscles – medium/small buttock muscle;
  • Muscle Antagonists – quadriceps;
  • Muscle Stabilizers – Anterior calves.

Technique of execution Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl

Leg Standing Hamstring Curl exercise is isolated and is suitable for entry-level training:

Technique of execution Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl
How to Do Technique of execution Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curl

Step # 1.


Approach the simulator and put your leg (for example, the left one) under the roller so that it is slightly higher than the ankle (for this, adjust the height of the simulator for you). Push the left knee into the lower roller. Grasp the upper handrails with your hands, and fix the body by pressing your chest and abdominal to the simulator pads. This is your starting position.

Step # 2.

Evenly inhale and then exhale, keeping the trunk motionless, begin to curl the left leg (raise the weight) until then (so high) as long as you can. Hold in the top position about 1-2 sec. On inhalation, return your leg to its original position. Repeat the specified number of times, and then changing the leg.

Single-Leg Hamstring Curl Variations

In addition, single-leg standing hough curl, there are several variations of the exercise for pumping the hip biceps:

  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Inverse leg curl
  • Standing Cable Hip Extension

Tips, Guide – Hamstring Curl

In order to get the most out of your exercise, follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not unbend the lower leg completely, keep some tension in the muscle;
  2. Try to work at full amplitude, to bring the calf as close as possible to the buttocks;
  3. During the whole movement do not tear off the body and chest from the pads of the simulator;
  4. Slowly and controllably unbend the leg and quickly and explosively bend;
  5. Do not use heavy weights if you have weak hamstrings (especially relevant for women);
  6. At the upper point, make a peak contraction, performing a delay of 1-2 seconds;
  7. Use the exercise as the last in the training of the biceps of the hough;
  8. if you want to shift the emphasis to different heads of the biceps of the thigh, then change the angle of the leg/foot under the roller (slightly shift to the right / left);

Breathing technique: Exhalation – when bending the knees / on unbend, inspiration – during extension.

Executing of training: the number of approaches 3-4, reps 15-20.



The main objective of the training is the visual and real separation of the buttocks from the thigh. We want the muscles to be divided to separate, the buttocks to separate from the biceps of the thigh. If you have set yourself such a task, then try the following training guide:

  1. Exercise the buttocks and muscles of the biceps of the thigh in one day, bringing the lagging group to the first place;
  2. use at least 2 exercises on (hamstring muscle) and 3-4 exercises (on the buttocks) try to combine basic exercises and isolating for each muscle group;
  3. Perform isolated exercises on the hough muscle in the amount of 2 exercises: single-leg curl and lying leg curl, 4-5 sets of 15-20 repetitions, applying the principle of a pyramid and workout to the maximum hardness in the last 2 sets;
  4. Adhere to such a scheme for at least 2 months.
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