🔥 Super Ripped Core | Complete Workout & Guide

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🔥 Super Ripped Core Complete Workout

✅ You want a six-pack, but a strong core doesn’t just make you look great. This workout combines three different types of exercise, and this will cause your abdominals to stabilize your body when you exercise other muscles.

Do this whole-body workout 3 times a week, resting for at least 1 day between training days. If you’re new to the gym, that’s all you need for the entire month. You can also add these types of exercises to your own workouts.

Super Ripped Core Complete Workout
✅ Super Ripped Core Complete Workout


1. Bird-Dog


How to perform:

  • stand on all fours, back straight look directed to the floor;
  • start pulling one arm forward and the right leg back for balance, keeping the balance of the core muscles;
  • Perform 1 approach which will be 12-15 repetitions.

2. Side-Plank Rotation


Side-Plank Rotation
Side-Plank Rotation

How to perform:

  • Become a side plank and lower one arm under you;
  • Hold yourself up with abdominals;
  • Start with an effort to raise your hand and reach up;
  • Return to starting position twisting;
  • Perform 1 set in which there will be 15-20 repetitions;
  • Change the side

3. Single-Arm Farmer’s Walk

Single-Arm Farmer’s Walk
Single-Arm Farmer’s Walk

How to perform:

  • Take in one hand is not very heavy kettlebell;
  • While keeping your back straight, begin to do “lunge the farmer”, when one leg steps forward and the other leg remains in place, you squat on the leg of your front leg to the parallel with the floor;


  • Return to the starting position, complete 1 approach where there will be 20 repetitions.

4. T-Bench Press

T-Bench Press
T-Bench Press

How to perform:

  • You will need a straight bench and dumbbells;
  • Lie across the bench so that only your shoulder blades and shoulders are on the bench, the rest of your body hangs down and is in a straight line with your shoulders, holding yourself with your abdominal muscles;
  • Remember that dumbbells should not be heavy. Our task is to train the abdominal muscles where the pectoral muscle will be the secondary exercise;
  • Perform 1 approach in which there will be 15 repetitions.

5. Three-Point Plank Row


Three-Point Plank Row
Three-Point Plank Row

How to perform:

  • To perform we will need two elevations, or a cube, and a dumbbell;
  • Stand in a plank between two cubes. One arm in the support. The second one hangs down with a dumbbell between the cubes;
    Start pulling up the dumbbell to your belt by engage the back muscles, while keeping the body in the plank straight;
  • Perform 1 approach -15 reps

6. Trap-Bar Deadlift

Trap-Bar Deadlift
Trap-Bar Deadlift

How to perform:

  • Take a special bar (Trap) with a weight to perform;
  • The exercise is performed as usual dead lift, the only difference is in the convenience of performing due to a special bar;


  • Perform 1 approach where there will be 15 repetitions.

7. Windmill Plank

Windmill Plank
Windmill Plank

How to perform:

  • To perform you will need a straight bench and one not heavy dumbbell;
  • We place emphasis on one arm, the legs lie on the bench, the second hand with the dumbbell rises, then drops to the floor in the starting position;
  • So do each hand on 1 set of 15-20 times.
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