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1️⃣ Horizontal Push (Chest Press)
2️⃣ Vertical Push (Shoulder Press)
3️⃣ Horizontal Pull (Rows)
4️⃣ Vertical Pull (Pullups/Lat Pulldowns)

1️⃣ Horizontal Push (Chest Press)


Starting position – lying back on a horizontal bench. Buttocks are tightly pressed to the surface of the bench, legs put on the floor of the entire foot:

– take the bar of the bar with a grip on top slightly wider than the shoulders;

– inhale and slowly lower the barbell to chest level, controlling movement;

– squeeze the barbell and at the end of the movement make exhalation.

 💥Horizontal Push (Chest Press)
💥Horizontal Push (Chest Press)

2️⃣ Vertical Push (Shoulder Press)

Technique of dumbbell bench press sitting

  • Sit on a bench with a vertical back and pick up a dumbbell.
  • Place your elbows vertically to the hands. This position must be maintained throughout the work repeat.
  • Along the arc trajectory, start squeezing the dumbbells up, while feeling the work of the deltoid muscles. At the top of the amplitude dumbbells should be close to each other.
  • Without extending your hands to the end and without a pause, begin to descend to the starting position.
🔥Shoulder Press
🔥Shoulder Press

3️⃣ Horizontal Pull (Rows)

What are the techniques for performing barbell in the slope?
The technique will differ depending on three things: The slope of the case, the width and the type of grip.

BODY SLOPE. The greater the forward bend, the greater the amplitude of the movement, the work, and the more difficult it is to perform the movement. The smaller the slope, the shorter the amplitude and the more the biceps work. In general, according to my observations, it is not necessary to do exercises with the horizontal position of the body. Many people progress well at 45 degrees of inclination. Need to experiment for the selection of individual positions.


WIDTH OF GRIP. In any thrust, the wider the grip, the more the back and the smaller biceps work. Conversely, the narrower the grip, the more the biceps work in the exercises. The only reason why narrow grip is often used to train your back is that with such grip, the amplitude increases and you have a greater chance of loading your back, provided you feel good (otherwise everything steals your biceps),

KIND of GRIP. The grip can be straight (arms from above) and the grip can be reverse (palms to you). In the first case, the biceps works less than in the second. However, again, with the reverse hold, the amplitude increases and, moreover, the emphasis on the lower parts of the latissimus dorsi muscle shifts slightly

Horizontal Pull (Rows)
💥 Horizontal Pull (Rows)

4️⃣ Vertical Pull (Pullups/Lat Pulldowns)


Doing the exercise for the head of the upper block, you can rely on the following benefits:

  • The creation of a V-shaped torso;
  • An increase in the width of the back;
  • Increase in strength;
  • Development of detail / relief of the back;
  • Visual waistline;
  • The formation of a flat posture ..
Vertical Pull (Pullups/Lat Pulldowns)
💥 Vertical Pull (Pullups/Lat Pulldowns)
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