🚨The Ultimate List of Compound Exercises

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🔥The Ultimate List of Compound Exercises👇

V-Tapered Physique
V-Tapered Physique

✅ The V-taper has long since been one of the most accepted markers of a good physique.In order to achieve a V-Taper, you’ll need to get as close to the perfect waist:shoulder ratio as possible while still developing muscles in other areas to compliment it.
💥 Focus on putting muscles to the right areas like;


🚨 Upper Chest

Have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger hitting his classic side chest pose.
His pecs in that pic are full and large. They look like you could set a shaker cup on them and not worry about it falling off. So, gotta build that upper pecs for the V-taper.

Chest Workout
Chest Workout

🚨The Lats


Building a V-shape taper begins with building the lats. A back as wide as a barn door, is essential when building a taper. Everyone from the kid just starting to workout at home in his cellar, to the seasoned trainee, or contest competitor, is striving to build bigger and wider lats. There are two distinct ways to go about developing good lats and an impressive back.
One of the approaches are to do pull-down movements and chin-ups, and the other is to do rowing movements, and deadlifts. The pull-down type exercises build width, and the rowing moves build thickness. You can’t have an impressive back without a combination of the two.

Lats Workout
Lats Workout


🚨 The Delts

Wide shoulder’s with impressive cannonball deltoids are the hallmark of a great V-shape. Having a naturally wide structure surely helps in this regard, but developing thick, round delts, that cap off the shoulder’s is attainable by anyone. I personally recommend working all three heads of the deltoid for maximum development.

The Delts Workout
The Delts Workout

🚨 The Abdominals


A sharply chiseled set of abs is admired by just about everybody. When you’re at the beach, or in a bodybuilding contest the first thing that the eyes are drawn to, is your midsection. If it’s ripped and tight, then that is a good first impression to make, and also exhibits good overall fitness.

Abdominals workout
Abdominals workout
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