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🚨Tips To Grow Your Chest 🚨

✅Perform Working Set Until Failure
✅After Failure, Continue With “Pulses”

Tips To Grow Your Chest
🚨 Tips To Grow Your Chest

If you perform a dumbbell press in the lying position on a horizontal bench correctly as on a thematic video, then several muscles will work at once. In the first place – it’s the muscles of the chest and, of course, triceps, deltoids and jagged muscles.

Technique of execution Tips To Grow Your Chest

  1. Take the position lying on a horizontal bench so that the legs are densely pressed into the floor, and the body is pressed to the surface as much as possible;
  2. Take dumbbells with the help of the insurer or in such a way (from the knees);
  3. Exhale and squeeze dumbbells in synchronism with the grip you need. At the top, take a deep breath and lower the dumbbells to their starting position slowly and smoothly

Carry out the desired number of repetitions. Note that the exercise can replace a basic classic bench press, and can be used as an auxiliary.

The recommended number of repetitions is 6-8 reps

🚨Tips To Grow Your Chest🚨
🚨Tips To Grow Your Chest🚨
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